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Supercharge your Marketing Touchpoints

Increase in Shopper spendings to your Segmented Audience with a Personalized Message at the Decision Making Moment.

Increase in New Sales Opportunities by enriching your Sales Funnel through granular targeting.

Increase in Audience Engagement through A.I. driven metrics to ensure predictable sales patterns.

Increase in Apps Usage Overtime by offering Users a Compelling Reason to Engage with your App that offers a perceived difference.

Increase in Average Reaction Rate through Surprise element and Experience of Engaging with Content that comes naturally.

Using prediction A.I. for an individual’s upcoming interests & preferences based on impacts of weather, events & holidays to drive spur-of-the-moment purchases

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Development ⥹ Launch Process...

Research before the Development phase is the most important part within the whole process.
This phase enables us to produce the most effective final product.
In order to develop a Website or an eCommerce Portal that delivers exactly to your imaginations, we augment your site’s audience and purpose. We also need to understand your company’s vision into the immediate future.
We start by obtaining all the relevant information and then guiding you through the joint development process to help you to make informed strategic decisions.
It is therefore always a good practice to have a few meetings, where relevant information can be exchanged and ideas explored alongside your vision and mission to enable detailed designs leading to the next phase.



Great Content goes a long way in creating an “eMotional Connect” with your Audience and encourages them to “take action”.
You might have rightly heard people say: “Content is King“, but remember that “a great piece of fresh Content” has to be moved through the echelons of Social Media Channels quickly, without which it might end up as just another piece of writing.
Content greatly helps your audience in “decision making” moving them down the CRM segments of a Sales funnel.
This “segmented”, target audience is further inspired to share stories, they believe in”, elevating them as “brand ambassadors” for your Brand | Products | Services in their own social sphere.
Creating great Content is not only an art, but requires Consistent, Scalable, On-Demand Enterprise Level Technology in this fragmented Digital eCoSystem.
DigitalOne not only offers the best available “Technology in Content Marketing” but also offers and On-demand Tech-Customization Services to keep you ahead of the Competition.
Ready to create Viral Content and fulfillment Strategies – lets get you started.

Visual Storytelling

Our traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense are taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound.
Based on eMotional appeal, decision making is a far simpler process if 3 or more senses are in sync.
Content simply appeals to touch, and sight (partially).so thats less than the half-way mark to create a major eMotional appeal.
Adding Images and Videos with Sound to this Content creates a 360º “Storytelling” as this additionally appeals to our sound senses, further being fully compliant to our sight and touch.
DigitalOne helps Brands | Products | Services to adapt to the best of available and emerging technology, in possibly magical ways.
We encourage you to upgrade your Content to a 360º Audience eXperience – lets get you started.

Mobile Commerce

It all starts with a simple iDEA.
Online Shopping is growing exponentially and is projected to expand this way since we are only getting started.
Given the ever increasing array of technology endpoints, Creating and Managing a Mobile and eCommerce Portal(s) can be both eXpensive and intimidating.
The requirements for a successful model are: a robust, scaleable infrastructure built on Cloud for Mobile Commerce grounds-up, that incorporates 4K [HDR] visual and sound components in addition to a payment gateway that also accepts futuristic tokenized payment models.
All this built on a highly secured and upgradable, end-to-end encrypted platform.
Inbuilt MicroLocation technologies with embedded Artificial Intelligence create a highly sophisticated OmniChannel Platform guaranteed to “Wow” audiences across segments. Sounds like a big deal… well!
DigitalOne has you covered – its time to put your iDEA to work.


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