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Our Story

It all began in the summer of 1989, when a future relationship with computers was considered rare…

©1989-2014 espeeam sales and services

The Founder

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.” The quote from an unknown albeit, wise man stayed was one of the only things I took with me at the start of my first year of college. As a first generation entrepreneurs, with no experience, money or mentors, the weight of my parents, rolled off my shoulders as soon as I stepped onto the lush green, snow capped mounts of the majestic Himalayan in India; My Corporate life had just begun.

I had found my place, with a friendly environment, conducive to experimenting youngsters, I launched my first dBase III+1.0 software, an accounting package to automate mundane accountancy tasks. I knew right then that I would pursue capturing moments: the mundane and the exquisite, the great and the small. I was ready to launch “espeeam sales and services (ESAS)” in the summer of 1989.

“I had found my place, with a friendly environment, conducive to experimenting youngsters, I launched my first dBase III+1.0 software… “

The Next Chapter

In 2014, clocking 25 thankful years in business, it was time to re-invent ESAS. The world had transitioned from PC 286/386/486, Digital VAX mainframes, Magnetic Tapes, 8″/5.25″/3.5″ floppy diskettes, DOS 4.01 and Dial-up Modems to Google as the custodian of World’s Index Files, iPhones, iPads, 4G Networks, iBeacons, NFC’s, RFID’s, Digital Transformation Methodologies, Blockchain Technologies, Self Driving Cars, Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Robots, RPA, Virtual / Augmented Reality, Social NetWorks and so much more…

It was time to re-Invent the Vision / Mission for the next 25 years at ESAS.

The Next Chapter re-Lives ESAS in its new avatar, rechristened “DigitalOne” simply “re-Live your imaginations!

Company Transformation From 1989 to 2014 (25 Innovative Years)

ESAS ➠DigitalOne Ltd.

In 2014, DigitalOne Ltd. was incorporated in Bangkok, one of the World’s liveliest Cities. A melting pot of Nations, Ideas, Cultures and Communities.

As a pioneer within the TMT Sector, DigitalOne spearheaded the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) space, followed by a foray into emerging Big Data Science leading to development and deployment of advanced Analytics and Tracking tools for Client Acquisition.

In about a year, the idea of MobileFirst™ was home to a thriving digital nomad community and partnerships with clients spanning over a dozen Fortune 500 Organizations.

Today DigitalOne Ltd. works across Industries offering Services that are unrivalled across the Digital eCoSystem.

We are on the forefront of emerging technologies, with great ideas to change the World through the 21st Century. DigitalOne™ is ready to take you on this exciting journey.

Tech-eConomics Sans Frontières

DigitalOne™ SNoT The Next 25 Years ➠

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